Weather forecast La Val Alta Badia

The weather today: monday, 27 May 2019

Dull, slightly rain Temp. max 18 °CTemp. min 11 °C

Low pressure conditions.

Cloudy sky with some rain arriving from south-east during the day.

Diurnal temperatures will reach values up to 14°/20°.

The weather tomorrow: tuesday, 28 Mai 2019

Dull, slightly rain Temp. max 18 °CTemp. min 10 °C

The mountain weather today (Dolomites)

Dull, moderate rain Freezing quote: 3000 m Wind: moderate southeasterly

Low pressure conditions.

Poor visibility. During the afternoon and evening the probability of rain will increase, in particular over Dolomites.

The mountain weather tomorrow (Dolomites)

Dull, sleet Freezing quote: 2800 m Wind: moderate northeasterly

Evolution weather in South Tyrol: Unstable


Dull, slightly rain

T. max: 11 / 19 °C

T. min: 5 / 11 °C



T. max: 15 / 25 °C

T. min: 4 / 11 °C


Partly cloudy

T. max: 17 / 27 °C

T. min: 4 / 12 °C


Partly cloudy

T. max: 20 / 29 °C

T. min: 5 / 13 °C


T. max: 20 / 29 °C

T. min: 5 / 13 °C

South Tyrol weather today

Weather Map South Tyrol today

South Tyrol weather tomorrow

Weather Map South Tyrol tomorrow
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